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Talks For Educators

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The Underestimated Generation | How Youth Can Change The World

Despite being labelled as a kid with a crazy idea, at 15 years old Kelcie started her research into developing novel methods for the remediation of the Alberta Oil Sands, and at just 21 she founded her first company to commercialize her technology.


One of Kelcies core beliefs is that you’re never too young to start changing the world. The biggest obstacle facing young people isn’t their age - it’s the fact that they are notoriously underestimated. Worst of all they underestimate themselves.


As Kelcie shares her own personal story, and stories of other incredible young changemakers, you will see your students outlook change before your eyes. Students will be inspired to stop waiting and start creating change in their communities now!

Science Is For More Than Just "Nerds" 

When you think of a scientist what image comes to mind? Most of us have an outdated view of just what a scientist is. The images that our minds conjure of lab coat wearing, microscope wielding, laboratory bound scientists are far from what the modern day scientist is.


Terms like “Nerd” and others like it can have detrimental impacts on young people's desires to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Kelcie has experienced first hand the social stigma that can come alongside being a young female interested in science. Despite working in her first university lab at 13 and winning national awards for her scientific endeavours she kept her interest hidden from her peers until she graduated from high school.

Kelcie will transform your students views on just what science is and shift their views of what a scientist looks like. This talk will inspire your students and show them the amazing opportunities that STEM can provide.

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